Team Report: Wembley Tour Series

Second for Enrique Sanz and Mora increases lead in Sprints jersey competition

The fourth round of the Tour Series was held in Wembley on Tuesday night on not only a challenging circuit but with equally challenging weather. The team’s leading riders, Enrique Sanz and Sebastian Mora were equal to that challenge with what can only be described as phenomenal performances yet again.

Just as it was in a wet Northwich on Friday night when Sanz won, at Wembley the front group was reduced to a dozen or so riders by the pace and crashes, and both Enrique Sanz and Sebastian Mora were part of that elite selection.

Sebastian won all three mid race sprints again to increase his lead in that competition and Sanz, quite a phenomenon in his own right was second. That’s two seconds, a win and a third in the Tour Series racing so far and no rider can match that in the series. And all that despite a crash at Wembley when two riders fell in front of him and he had no-where to go.

“Enrique showed his class here tonight while Seb showed he is coming into good form” explained team owner Cherie Pridham. “I am happy to see both of them yet again doing a great job for the team and its sponsors. Seb has set his sights on fighting for the jersey for the team at a time when the team has riders out or struggling with illness and injuries from the crashes last week.”

Enrique Sanz: “I was motivated for the win today because I like the finish on this circuit but at the finish of tonight’s race, it was a little crazy with two guys going very fast near the finish and I try to follow but I had one rider between us and I was unable to close the gap. So I wait for the sprint for second”.

“My sprint was okay but I want to win but I have another option on Thursday and we try. I crash one time tonight as well because two guys in front of me crash but my bike was okay and I chase for two laps to get back with the leaders.”

Sebastian Mora: It was a good job today but this was only one race and there are many more races to come so I have a lot more work to do before the final. I am riding well in the front group tonight although I have a little pain in my legs from the big crash in the last Tour Series (Northwich). We take it now race-by-race and see what happens. I remember Croydon from last year and it is very fast but I think it will be a good race for the team.”

Sebastian enjoying his time on the podium at Wembley

Two of the best sprinters in the British racing scene, Aussie Brenton Jones and Enrique go man on man with Enrique getting second place.

It was a very determined ride by Seb Mora at Wembly to increase his lead in the Sprint’s jersey

The team warm up for the Wembley race in front of the Don Amott motorhome



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