Team Report: Podium for Adria at Beaumont Trophy

In a brutally hot race in Northumberland on Sunday at the UCI 1.2 ranked event, the Beaumont Trophy, Adria Moreno came back from a tough first half of the season to get on the podium as the King of the Mountains and tenth place.

Riding for the team in this high ranking British race was a new signing from Ireland, Conn McDunphy who was joined in the race by Enrique Sanz, Sebastian Mora, Tristan Robbins, Fraser Martin, and of course Adria Moreno.

On a course where the riders would face the fearsome ‘Ryal’ climb four times in a race of 187 kilometres, and the summer heat was cooking the riders on their bikes, Adria was the only rider in the team to make a break of 15 and being out numbered by other teams with more than one in the move, Adria felt he could be out gunned in the finale.

So Adria did what he does best and he climbed his way onto the podium, sprinting up this climb of the Ryals, which is 1 in 6 in parts, against some of the best riders in the country. Afterwards, Adria was pleased to be getting back to his best.

“When I chased the break which was hard as the gap was getting big, I saw there were two riders from other teams and I say to myself, it will be hard to win, not impossible, but I decided I would fight for the king of the mountains and if I cannot win, I will still make the podium.”

“The last time up the climb, I was more making an attack than going for points but it was really hard to get away as my legs were tired, especially in the last 20 kilometres. I went with some important moves but in the last moves, I had no more gas and I didn’t have the power to sprint well.”

“I needed a race like this though for my confidence because the first block of races, I was really unlucky but now I feel I am ready for July when there are a lot of races. Now I go back to Spain to train more…”

The British riders in the team now get ready to travel to the Isle of Man for the British Championships whilst the Spanish riders will do the same in their country. The next major event for the team as a unit in Britain will be the very popular town centre race in Otley, Yorkshire on June 28 followed by a two day race in Northumberland where Adria was on the podium last year.


Adria climbing his way onto the podium at the Beaumont Trophy

New signing, young rider from Ireland, Conn McDunphy




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