Team News: Podium for Tristan & Enrique

The third round of the British Cycling Spring Cup series, the Chorley Grand Prix, saw two riders from the team on the podium after the finish; Tristan Robbins (Sprints Winner) and Enrique Sanz (Spring Cup Series Leader).

The longest race of the series so far, and again, a tough course made tougher by the conditions, saw the team joined on the day by James from High 5 to help out with the riders nutrition on a day when they would need to keep their energy levels up in the cold and wind for a race that lasted for well over four hours.

Giving us a rider’s view of how the race was is the team’s Adam Kenway. “For the first two laps, the pace in the peloton was nice and steady and it was good for us as we had Tristan out front in the break.”

“Madison Genesis then got on the front and drilled it and the third time over the Rivington climb (eight minutes of going up), a break of twelve of us got away over the top before we were caught on the descent.”

“The same again then happened on lap four and that split the race right up with less than 50 of the 150 starters still in the bunch. Adria and myself were trying to follow all the moves and that took a lot out of the legs”.

“Last time up Rivington climb, Adria got in the front split and I was with Sanz in a group behind and as soon as it flattened it out, we drilled it and got back to the front but five riders then got away. Adria and I did what we could on the front to bring it back and it proved to be a hard day’s racing.”

A tough day certainly for the team and all the other riders, but one that made the team owner Cherie Pridham happy. “For us, as a team, we rode extremely well; a hundred percent improvement” she explained.

“I’m very happy with the way Fraser and Grant Martin helped out early on making sure Sanz was looked after. The plan was to get Tristan in the break and that went well and I said to him, if we have an opportunity in the break in the King of the Mountains or Sprints, to take it and he did that perfectly, winning the Sprints competition.”

“It was also great to see the strength in Adria (Moreno), Adam (Kenway) and Ryan (Perry) until he had a mechanical at a bad moment and of course, Enrique keeping the series lead was a great result too”.

Next weekend, the team have their first UCI race of the season, the very unique CiCLE Melton Rutland International Classic. More on the team for the race soon.

Tristan (right) leads the early breakaway on lap 1 of the Chorley Grand Prix. This gave him the foundation to get on the podium in one of the competitions in the race.

Tristan indeed took the opportunity with both hands and won the Sprints competition.

Enrique Sanz was 11th in the race and that was enough to keep him in the series leader’s jersey.



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