Rider News: Ryan Perry Finding His Form

For all road racing cyclists, it is that time of the year when riders know the big races are around the corner and this is like the pre-exam period when they are looking to find that elusive killer form to get results in April.

For the team’s Army captain, Ryan Perry, that chase to find his ‘legs’ is in full swing after a training camp in Calpe with Adam Kenway. Speaking recently, he explained how he was going really well until mid February when like many, he was stopped in his tracks by a virus.

That, he says, put him off the ‘horse’ for a few weeks before he realised it was time to get away and start putting some efforts in for the racing in March. “I hadn’t had a training camp in the winter so I thought I had better get to Spain to right the ship as the season was approaching” Ryan says. “I had a good few weeks there but March will be tough for me finding my legs”.

“I think it will take four or five races to find my legs proper. I need some long and hard races to get in shape and even then I think I’ll need to get the moped out and do some motor pacing!”

Ryan has had some big success in time trialling, and two years in a row, been on the podium in the British Time Trial Championship. To help him get more aero, Ryan recently stepped into a virtual windtunnel, the Bioracer Aero, and tweaked his position.

“It was really interesting” Ryan explained “because everyone says you need to go lower (on the bike) but this system showed I needed to be brought up a bit and narrowed my frontal area and I found 15 watts and also, I reckon can pedal harder in the position as well. So, if on the road it works, it was a great thing to do for the small cost involved”

As well as getting aero, Ryan has also tweaked his training in the winter. “I have done it differently this winter” he told us. “I’m still new and don’t have a lot of winters behind me but the last two winters, I’ve been doing hard efforts all the way through and been absolutely crushing people’s heads in February and then knackered by April!”

So, this year, I have had a different coach and done a lot more steady foundation and endurance work and I’m only just bringing in threshold efforts now. So whilst I am not going like I was last March, I hope this season I’ll have better legs for the long stuff.”

“I just want to see what I can do. Time trials is what I am good at so the goal would be to win some of them but I really haven’t yet set any targets as I’m am still finding my feet in the sport. I am still learning as I’m essentially still a novice.”

“It will be great to be racing with our internationals as I’m always thirsty for new knowledge so I will be interested to see how they do things and I’m looking forward to meeting them all”.

Good luck to Ryan for the rest of March …

Ryan racing in Buckinghamshire on Saturday (March 11) where he was 4th.

The week before, at Pimbo near Liverpool, Ryan was battling the elements in his race of the year.



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