Newsletter: January 2017

Whilst the team’s racing programme is still a few months away, team boss Cherie, mechanic Alan and the riders have all been very busy!
For 2017, the team welcomes new sponsors OfficeCare (Derby), Salomon, Suunto and Mavic who join the rest of the team sponsors listed at the foot of this newsletter. The team thank you all for helping Cherie Pridham Racing and her riders welcome in her 10th season on the road.

With the line-up we have, the team is sure to be having its successes in 2017 as it has over the years. Speaking of the line up; here are the riders for 2017
– Tristan Robbins (new for 2017)
– Fraser Martin
– Jack Escritt
– Sebastian Mora
– Adrià Moreno Sala
– Adam Kenway (new for 2017)
– Grant Martin (new for 2017)
– Yoeri Havik (new for 2017)
– Ryan Perry (new for 2017)

The major races in Britain begin in April and whilst the riders will be getting into race mode in March, it is not until April 2nd that the team comes together for the first time in a National Event which will be the Klondike Grand Prix at Guisborough in the North East.

Important for both the riders and the team in order to have success in the summer is to lay a good foundation in the winter and January has seen lots of activity. The highlight for the team was moving in to our purpose built service course, with the support of the University of Derby, and we say a special thanks to Unior tools for kitting the workshop area out.

January has also seen a steady stream of sponsors’s equipment arriving and team boss Cherie says “it’s really cool to see it all shaping up. It feels a long way out before the season starts, but it will soon come around. We have such an intense season, almost all crammed into April/May/June/July, it’s almost a blessing that January allows us to prepare fully and lay down that important foundation”.

Part of the build-up is of course the assembling of the Raleigh Militis bikes which have all been shipped off to the riders and our thanks to team mechanic Alan Buttler for helping get the bikes all ready for the racing which is just round the corner now.

Riders racing full gas
But it isn’t just the staff who have been busy. The riders too and none more than new signing from The Netherlands, Yoeri Havik. Averaging 120 kilometres (75 miles) a day and racing nearly every day in January, it was a busy time for Yoeri and his success on the indoor tracks of Europe a big highlight for team owner Cherie. “He really wanted the win the Berlin 6 Day so bad, and it was a dream for him to achieve that”.

“It feels like I have become a 6 day ‘junky’ literally and have been watching all the six day events since the London 6, with Yoeri racing the entire six day circuit”!

Yoeri, in an interview on the team website, explained “When you look at the list of winners for the Berlin 6, they are the big stars of (track) cycling history. To win the 106th edition and to be on that list is pretty special to me. Also, the last Dutch winners in 2006 were Danny Stam and Robert Slippens and that is special to me because Danny is my uncle and he was the reason I started cycling.”

Spain’s Seb (Mora) has also had a great start to his year and is happy with his condition after a very solid start to the Challenge Mallorca – finishing all the stages well, and being in a race long break on stage 3. He was also involved in the lead-out for Enrique Sanz, who finished 8th on the final stage in Palma” added Cherie.

Seb, who was one of the team’s big stars in 2016, winner of the Elite Circuit Series in Britain as well as a World Champion on the track, explains what his January has been about. “This month, I have begun to prepare for my great objectives for this year. I am very excited about two goals: The World Track Championship in Hong-Kong in April, and my season with Team Raleigh GAC”.

“It will be the second year with Raleigh GAC and I want to get a lot of success for me and all the team. I began the month racing in 6 Day Rotterdam. It wasn´t a big result, but I knew that it was very complicated, because this year the objectives are other events. During the last week, I have been racing the Challenge of Mallorca with the Spanish track team to prepare for the World Championships in Hong-Kong”.

Another of the big stars for the team in 2016 was Spring Cup winner Adria Moreno Sala. His January started after long miles training in December, and as he was racing at the end of January, Adria was also upping the intensity of his training. “My first pre-season race finished with a victory in the rain, cold and wind but it was a good start to the season and I am excited and motivated to return to Britain to race with the team”.

A new comer to the team, Scotland’s Grant Martin, has been stepping up his winter training again with a mix of both road and track for the big step up to senior racing with Raleigh-GAC. Grant also travelled down to Derby where he and many of his new teammates had a great ride and received some great kit from our sponsors. “

Jack Escritt too has been busy. “In January I have been racing the track league every Tuesday and racing every Saturday at Stourport for some speed training, eating healthily and preparing for the season ahead as much as possible.”

So that’s the team’s January. We are now well into February and the riders training is getting ever harder as they prepare for the racing ahead. For Yoeri and Seb, their goals remain on the track for the short term with Six Day events (Yoeri) and the World Track Championships (Seb). The rest of the squad however have the early season races in their sights and are currently either here in Britain or in warmer climates getting in plenty of hours on the bike.

But it won’t only be the riders who are busy in February. Team boss Cherie says the next month will see more of the same as January with things like logistics as well as working with sponsors ahead of a very busy time come the season start.

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A major victory already for the team in 2017 with Yoeri’s victory in the Berlin Six Day

The new riders have their first set of kit to start the season in the team’s colours – pictured is Tristan Robbins

A service course to be proud of thanks to Uni Derby and Unior tools…

New racing shoes for the riders thanks to new Sponsor Mavic.




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